Get to know Muhammad Minhaj – Founder and Head Coach “Three arms Golf Academy”

Q). What is Three arms Golf Academy and where is it located?

Sports performance depends on a player’s technique, his Physiological conditions, and his psychological toughness. Here at our academy, we offer all three and these are the three Arms.As of now, the academy don’t have any particular premises. We offer golf coaching at Rawalpindi Golf Club. Lockdown has taught us that much can be done online and so our physiologist and psychiatrist work online.

Q). What is your achievement as an amateur and Professional Golfer?

As an amateur, I have won multiple events like Coas open, Prime minister open, Faldo series Pakistan, And i have represented Pakistan Golf Team in tournaments like Singha world junior golf championship, Saarc cup, Faldo series grand final asia.

As a junior professional, I have won 11 national level tournaments, and was number 1 ranked junior pro for 2 years. I am still playing as a professional

Q). How was the experience of attending the Bsi Golf academy in South Africa and doing a 3 year PGA Diploma?

BSI golf is a nice place and I recommend it to someone who wants a career in golf. I learnt a lot there and am still in contact with BSI golf. Learning is a process that continues throughout life.

Q). What is the importance of the coaching in the game of Golf?

Our beloved sport, golf, is one of the sports where the ball is stationary. So like other sports, it is not as much instinctive. Therefore, a sound swing technique based on a particular body type would help that person a lot to play better golf. More than improving your technique, making the player understand the suggested changes will make him realize why and what are they doing.

Q). Advice for Upcoming and Junior Golfers of Pakistan?

To juniors, I would suggest to make sure they maintain a file containing all there tournament results and golf achievements. Juniors should do so as this will help them in getting a USA golf scholarship. In my view, getting a scholarship in USA and playing NCAA should be the aim for all junior golfers in Pakistan.

Q). What are your future plans in terms of the Golf Academy?

I surely have plans for our academy. I would love to have an academy’s premises containing a gym with a TPI instructor, a few PGA coaches, a sports psychologist and an equipment fitting studio.