7 Practice drills to improve our golf

But what is the best or correct practice drill to use?

Hopefully, some of these great tips below will help point you in the right direction.

Practice These Drills For That Improvement Your Looking For

1. If you lift your club too steeply, try placing a tee peg about 10 inches away behind your ball.

Now try sweeping the tee peg away when you take your backswing.

Great drill for a lower trajectory and wider arc.

2. Place a club on the ground along your target line.

Take another club and swing back up to the top and stop. Your club should now be parallel to the one on the ground.

Use a friend to help your alignment.

3. With the same club on the ground take your other club and swing back half way.

Your club shaft should be pointing down towards the club on the ground.

This is a great drill to find the correct plane that your club should swing on.

4. Practicing your short irons on one leg

Believe me this will help your balance, and make you swing slower, and smoother. 

5. Take up your normal stance and hold the club in front of you pointing to the sky.

Then simply turn yor shoulders until you reach the halfway position in your backswing.

You will find that you are in the perfect position.

6. Whenever possible take practice swings with your feet together.

It will help your rythym and balance.

7. Practice hitting shots with your left hand only.

This will help you hit through the ball at contact, giving a much better controlled shot.