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Titleist TSi2 Driver

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itleist is one of the most respected manufacturers in golf, and with good reason. The company’s work with metalwoods has especially improved in recent years and the new TSi family is poised to be one of the best metalwoods series available in 2021. New shaping, materials, and adjustability features highlight the TSi family. The TSi2 driver, specifically, includes a larger profile with a low and deep center of gravity that is designed to provide forgiveness all across the face for golfers that maybe don’t hit the center of the face every swing or golfers that just need some extra height or spin. Golfers searching for added workability and adjustability may prefer the TSi3 driver.

The new TSi series from Titleist builds on the TS series that added significant ball speed for golfers. Key to the construction of the new TSi2 and TSi3 drivers is a new shape and a new face. The new shape features a modified toe area that promotes better aerodynamics and more clubhead speed, which unlocks more potential distance. The new clubface is made from a high-strength material called ATI 425 (Aerospace Titanium) that will add energy at impact and increase ball speed all across the face. The unique alloy is made by a single foundry in Pittsburgh and is key to creating a driver face that delivers increased ball speed at every point of contact. The Speed Optimized High MOI design not only offers heel-to-toe forgiveness, but it also offers forgiveness from the top to the bottom of the clubface through a more holistic approach to the design. And of course, the TSi2 comes with the SureFit hosel that allows golfers to tune loft and lie through 16 unique settings.

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