World no.4 & World no.6 join LIV Golf?

Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele are ranked 4th and 6th respectively in the official world golf rankings, so losing them to LIV would be a huge blow to the PGA. But will they really go?

The Saudi-funded upstart tour is aiming to increase strength of its fields and wants to lure more talent with the promise of vast signing bonuses and huge prize money payouts. It will increase from eight events to 14 for next year, with a schedule likely to be announced next month.

Reports surfaced last week that the Saudi Arabia-funded Breakaway League is looking to add 7 to 10 players from the PGA Tour by the end of the calendar year, and they’re already reportedly eyeing PGA pros Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele.

It should be kept in mind, of course, that LIV Golf is a big-talking organization that still has a lot of hurdles to jump. Despite clearly luring some of the biggest names in the sport, LIV is still without a major broadcast deal and is nowhere closer to getting its golfers considered by the world ranking system. While other golfers already joined LIV Golf with the expectation of getting a world ranking already, the fact the circuit still hasn’t ironed that out could make other golfers turn down joining.

Undeterred by that incident, “LIV Golf Insider” was back at it this weekend, tweeting “confirmation” that Xander Schauffele would be joining LIV. (It’s not clear who is behind the account, nor is it clear if they’re serious.) Other accounts were undeterred, too, reacting and retweeting liberally.

So, for right now, the rumors Cantlay and Schauffele are joining LIV Golf are simply that — rumors. But with how crazy the golf world has become this last year, it’s safe to say that could all change in the not-too-distant future.